Seduce A Girl On The Phone In 3 Easy Steps

Seduce A Girl On The Phone In 3 Easy Steps
seduce girlSo you have got the girls number.

What do you do now?

This is only the start of your seduction routine.

It is amazing how many guys have no clue how to proceed.

If you want 3 ways to seduce a girl on the phone then read on.

Once you have the girls number, you have a chance of starting something good. Don’t start congratulating yourself just yet however. You still have a few hurdles to get over, because now you have to call her. You already made some sort of impact on her, you got her number after all, but if you fail to make that connection on the phone you may not get that important first date.

Following the three tips below should make your phone call a success, and get you to stage 2 “the date.”

1. Make her laugh.

If you can get her to laugh then you’re half way there. You are both nervous and humor will have a powerful relaxation effect on both of you. Once you make here chuckle she will become much more receptive to your conversation. Never allow boredom to set in. Talk about something funny and memorable that happened when you met, or make a joke.

When you can do this successfully she will hang on your every word.

2. Tell her a story.

If you have a story to tell then the conversation will flow naturally. You will also avoid those awkward pauses. If you can leave her hanging and end your story with a cliffhanger she will be eager to meet you to find out what happened. There is nothing wrong with planning this story before you call, in fact I recommend you do!

3. Use Hypnosis / Fractionation.

The mind is a powerful thing, and this is a good way of using that fact to your advantage. This particular way of talking to a woman, ‘fractionation’ is a powerful hypnosis technique that can win a girl over in just 15 minutes. It is completely undetectable, and will lead her through an emotional journey that will make her completely into you. As the conversation deepens so will her love for you.

However before you use this method to seduce a girl, you should know this.

Fractionation is controversial and is looked upon as something sneaky. This hypnosis based technique may be questionable, however it is proven to be one of the most successful underground methods ever to have been invented by seductionists.

Fractionation is known only to a select few master seducers. This powerful tool can truly have any girl fall in love with you in about 15 minutes.


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