Mature Seduction – How to Seduce Older Women

Mature Seduction – How to Seduce Older Women
You have probably heard the term “cougar,” it is used to describe an older woman how tries to get a much younger guy. The term may be new, but the phenomenon is quite old, remember The Graduate and the infamous Mrs Robinson?

More and more men are recognizing the potential of the older women, and are actively pursuing them. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore or Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon are two famous examples. The great thing is you too can learn the power of mature seduction by following the tips below.

If you are looking to seduce an older woman, you will have to concentrate on the things they have to offer. Imagine the wealth of experience, both life and sexual, she will be able to share with you. Don’t focus on the age difference.

Younger women are looked upon as a ‘catch’ by many men, older ones are sort of ignored. The art of mature seduction turns this right on its head.You need to recognize and embrace all the advantages that a mature women has. At least your date wont be gossiping about you with her friends or constantly texting them. This should come as a refreshing change to many guys.

Make sure you act classy, and sophisticated, converse with intelligence, and show respect. Just think how many bad dates she has probably been on in her life. Turn your charm up to 11, an older woman isn’t interested in a boy who can’t have a decent intelligent conversation with them.

They are far more likely to respond to a guy who can discuss current events, and show an appreciation of fine wine and food. The more sophisticated you are, the faster you will get to take advantage of all that bedroom experience they have to share.

One technique you can try is called fractionation. This is proven to be a way you can get any mature woman to fall for you in 15 minutes. It is a very powerful tool in any seducers kit. It combines the power of psychology and hypnosis to produce a deep emotional response.

One thing to be aware of when seducing an older mature woman is don’t brag. It is quite possible she has more money, and a better job than you. So your bank balance and position in the corporate world wont impress. She will notice your flash car and nice clothes without you pointing them out.

For any younger man looking to get with a more mature lady, these tips should help. Appreciate the advantages that only come with age, and you will get your prize.


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