Win A Girl Over – Powerful Seduction Techniques

Win A Girl Over – Powerful Seduction Techniques
beautifulwomanTo win a girl over you need to show her that you are the “prize” she has been searching for. If you are confused and thinking surely they mean she is the “prize,” women are the ones that should be chased, then you are dead wrong.

If you are unsure about the next step to take, to get a date with the hot girl you met in a bar, or talked to in class, you need guidance. It needn’t be difficult, following the guidelines below will help you to win a girl over.

Men in the know will tell you the opposite is true. To be ultra successful you need to change the game. Make her think she needs to chase you, and are the one she can’t let get away.

To accomplish this goal you need to show yourself as a higher value to the woman. One of the first things you should do is convince here you are not desperate. Make her think you do not ‘need’ to win her. This will probably throw her off balance because it is not the response she has grown to expect. Most girls are used to being pursued not doing the pursuing. Take a step back and show her you are in no way needy.

Another surefire way to win a girl over is to build a rapport with her. You need to start by making her feel comfortable with you.

Put her at ease, and make here feel relaxed to be with you. Build a connection with the woman.You can achieve this by talking about things that interest her, this will ensure you have her full attention. Getting your interactions firmly in this comfortable area, will lead quite naturally to you building an attraction between you both. Flirt with her and tease gently, never look as if you are trying to win her.

If you are smart you will see how this systematic pulling her close then drawing away will quite naturally build the level of attraction she has for you. Just like a magnet, in nature, like poles repel and unlike ones attract.

Winning a girls heart is as simple as following these simple steps. Become the ‘prize’, never be needy. Establish a comfort zone for you to build the attraction between you. If you follow these steps success will surely follow.

There is one more tip that will supercharge your results with the ladies..

When you are having a conversation naturally lead her through emotional highs and lows. Alternate between sad and happy states. Doing this will build a big attraction for you. It sounds difficult but isn’t. It is a hypnosis technique that is routed in physiological fact, known as ‘fractionation’ it is proven to be hyper effective and can get any woman to fall for you.

But be warned…

Fractionation is controversial and looked on as a “dark art” method. Invented by underground seductionists. it is a hyper effective technique to win a girl over.

It may be unconventional, but a select band of elite seduction masters have been using it with dramatic results. Be careful though, this may work too well. Keep it to yourself as it could be dangerous in the hands of people with less than squeaky clean morals. Used correctly you could win any girls heart.



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