Win A Girl Over

Win A Girl Over – Powerful Seduction Techniques

beautifulwomanTo win a girl over you need to show her that you are the “prize” she has been searching for. If you are confused and thinking surely they mean she is the “prize,” women are the ones that should be chased, then you are dead wrong.

If you are unsure about the next step to take, to get a date with the hot girl you met in a bar, or talked to in class, you need guidance. It needn’t be difficult, following the guidelines below will help you to win a girl over.

Men in the know will tell you the opposite is true. To be ultra successful you need to change the game. Make her think she needs to chase you, and are the one she can’t let get away. Continue reading

Seduce A Girl On The Phone In 3 Easy Steps

seduce girlSo you have got the girls number.

What do you do now?

This is only the start of your seduction routine.

It is amazing how many guys have no clue how to proceed.

If you want 3 ways to seduce a girl on the phone then read on. Continue reading

How To Attract Women – 3 Seduction Tactics

attractive girlAt times it’s┬ánot easy knowing how to attract women is it? It’s very frustrating for normal guys isn’t it when the bad guys get all the attention from hot women.

We are told that women are not interested in the players, or bad boys, as they want emotional contact, and respect. These guys just want sex, so how come they always seem to have the hottest women, when the good ones are supposed to steer clear of them?

Whatever the reason I bet you would rather be a “playboy” right? Even if you consider yourself to be just a regular average guy, read on to find out how you can get with the most stunning women the world has to offer. So, what seduction tactics do the “playboys” use to get all the best women?

Read on for three good tips on how to attract women that will put you on the right path. Continue reading

Win a Girls Heart

win a girls heartDo you want to know how to win a girls heart? Do you know what to say to a girl to make her fall for you? There isn’t a girl alive that doesn’t love to hear their boyfriend telling them how how sweet and great they are, and how much they mean to them.

It is even more true when those sweet thoughts are said with truthfulness and sincerity. Your job, as the man in the relationship, is to deliver these lines on a regular basis.

You will surely make your woman happy if you do, but what to say? What will best make your sweetheart fall even deeper for you? Continue reading

Reverse Seduction Principle – How To Get A Woman To Approach You Instead

Everyone has seen the guy that seems to get whatever girl he wants. It seems effortless for them. they must have a secret, right? Well they do, and if you read on you will find out exactly what this secret is.

A little more investigation will show that all these chick magnets have something in common. All of them just seem to celebrate their lives to the full. They have a friendly easy manner, and are passionate about their leisure time pursuits, not just the pursuit of women either. This makes them easy going, and appear open to being approached. Continue reading

Mature Seduction – How to Seduce Older Women

You have probably heard the term “cougar,” it is used to describe an older woman how tries to get a much younger guy. The term may be new, but the phenomenon is quite old, remember The Graduate and the infamous Mrs Robinson?

More and more men are recognizing the potential of the older women, and are actively pursuing them. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore or Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon are two famous examples. The great thing is you too can learn the power of mature seduction by following the tips below. Continue reading

Ways To Seduce A Girl Who Already Has A Boyfriend

I am sure we have all been there. You are attracted to a girl only to find she already has a boyfriend. OK the thing is that there is a high chance that many attractive women you see will already be in a relationship. This means that before you start there is already competition.

Don’t worry, there are a number of ways to seduce a girl, even if she does already have a boyfriend, or is in a relationship. Read on to find out how. Continue reading

3 Ways To Avoid Rejection When Asking A Girl Out

Does the prospect of asking a girl out make you start to perspire and shake? Does your voice start to splutter and stammer? Its almost like you no longer have control of your own body. Don’t worry, this is a very common problem that many men suffer from.

There is a way you can cure this anxiety, below I have outlined three of the most powerful techniques you can use to avoid rejection, and ask a girl out. Continue reading

Simple Seduction Tactics – Fractionation

Many women feel restricted and unfulfilled in their lives. The same old daily activities can become soul destroying. A boring job which they hate, followed by an uninspiring evening comprising of watching the box, followed by sleep. The final problem is societies expectation that women should be demure, and not express themselves sexually.

This has lead to dissatisfaction with their lot. Many women want to have more, and take a more rounded role in society. They need to change their boring daily grind. The desire is so powerful that any promise of new forbidden pleasures is exciting and anticipated. Any seemingly taboo activities will appeal to this desire to break free. Continue reading

How to win a girls heart

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